Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Liebster Award by OhDanee

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

pepagi lagi dah sambut readers dengan Liebster Award.. apa barang lah husna nih.. -..- tapi demi mengikuti kehendak orang yang tag husna nih, haruslah jawab kan.. boleh je nak jawab kat bahagian komen blog oh danee tapi husna rasa lebih baik jawab menerusi entry.. boleh jugak update blog.. hehehe.. dan secara tak sengaja, rahsia demi rahsia terbongkar.. hahaha.. tak delah rahsia mana, tapi bagi husna selagi tak de orang tahu, itulah rahsia..

mohon ini yang terakhir.. dah empat kali dah.. :p berspeaking sikit sebab oh danee tanya dalam English.. nak jawab bahasa melayu, malas nak tukar soalan.. biar lah, sekali sekala uji grammar yang tak ketahuan nih..:p

liebster award

1- Have you played any sport? What kind of sport and why.
- I played badminton.. because for me, this is the only sport that I can enter into.. play it with the family.. years ago, since secondary school I love netball.. but then have to stop..

2- Screenshot of your phone wallpaper.
- just me with the doctor attire and the spectacles borrow from friend, because that time I have to shoot for mandarin movie..

3- What is color describe you the best? why?
- Orange.. hahaha.. is there a reason of I don’t know why??

4- Where do you prefer to travel?
- any kind of island.. laying down by the beach and played with the sand.. does it sounds good to you??

5- If you go to a movie, do you sit at the back, middle or front?
- of course at the back.. to have good view and I’m not gonna ruined my eyes.. even 24/7 I did is online through laptop.. >_<

6- Do you prefer twitter or facebook?
- twitter.. follow me!! :p

7- What does rich mean to you?
- having business, luxury cars, houses, travel in and out of the country, sending kids to study abroad, goes on charity/donation, and I guess that’s all..

8- Do you prefer theory or practical?
- practical!!

9- Name 3 boyband/boy group/singer that you like.
- Linkin Park.. and the rest I just love to play their song..

10- What that annoy you the most?
- when bloggers put the word verification at comment box.. Frankly speaking, I’m not robot that you are searching for..

11- What is your ideal boy/girl type?
- having me just the way who I am..:)

p/s- tak banyak masa dah..>.<


  1. interesting just the way you are, i am ya follower :)

  2. segmen edisi siasat ni..hihi..terperinci soalannya. selamat bersegmen husna

  3. twitter ciksu ntah apa sudah jdi. hihi.
    buat akaun je tp apa nan hado

  4. followed awak ^^ thanks sebab sudi answer my question ^^ kita ada banyak common interest ^^ selamat berkenalan hihi :)

  5. saya juga ditag... tapi belum buat2 lagi entrinya... hahahha

  6. Hehehe..klu dah banyak soalan wat entry lagi best kan..